Tips for Speaking

Useful Tips for Speaking

1.Regular practice: Regular practice is one of the key points in order to be fluent in English. Practice accordingly for the general questions, cue cards and discussion questions. Every part requires different skills.

2.Listen to the question before framing an answer: Listen to the question carefully and frame it accordingly. Don’t take too much time for framing the answer. Take care of tenses while framing.

3.Answer the question properly: It is an English speaking test and your English language is checked. So, elaborate your answers accordingly.

4.Always make an eye contact: Making an eye contact during speaking shows the level of confidence. Eye contact doesn’t mean staring at the examiner.

5.Don’t learn answers: Usually students try to learn the answers. Don’t learn the answers because English language is a skill, so develop and imagine by your own.

6.Asking the question again: Sometimes student hesitate to ask the question again if they don’t understand it during the first attempt. Either they keep quiet or frame a vague answer. Instead, you should ask the examiner to repeat the question by saying “Pardon,Sir/Ma’am”.

7.Fluency while speaking: While speaking maintain fluency. This comes with regular practice. Fluency doesn’t mean speed in speaking. While speaking, you should not show hesitation but maintain confidence.

8.Connectivity while speaking: The ideas should be well connected to each other. The speaking should look like a genuine speaking. Connected ideas show your understanding and idea generation which helps you to get higher bands in speaking.

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