Tips on the day of Exam

This page is very beneficial for the candidates who are going to give an exam. Candidates are always confused on the day of exam. Don’t worry and relax. In this page, you may find all the doubts that you have in your mind. You can also comment your doubts in the below comment section and you can also email us In this page you can find the below content:

  • Tips for “on the day” of your test
  • Last Minute Tips to focus on before your test:
    • Listening Tips
    • Reading Tips
    • Writing Tips
    • Speaking Tips

It is important that everyone reads this page before the test day and also on the morning of the test day. Good luck ?

On the Day IELTS Exam Tips:

  • Don’t forget to bring your ID such as Passport, this is one of the most important document that you have with you during the exam. If you don’t have passport during the exam then you will not be able to give the exam.
  • Take printout of your venue, which you would be received by email and also take colored photocopy of your passport(Front side and Back side).
  • Take your own stationary such as pencil,eraser and sharper. Don’t take unnecessary things like pouch etc, because you are not allowed to take it with you.
  • Reach on your venue on time as per mentioned in your email/SMS/Candidate portal.
  • You will not allowed to take your phone or any electronic item during the exam.
  • You can’t take dictionary or book in the test room.
  • The IELTS test exam is quite long.It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to do listening, reading and writing.There is no break during the exam.So,Eat healthy and properly so that you will not face any health issues like headache etc.otherwise this will lose your concentration during the exam.
  • You can take a drink into the exam room but make sure bottle would be transparent.
  • You can go to the toilet if you want, but you will lose your valuable time. There is no extra time for the same.
  • There will be a clock in the exam.However, you are not allowed to take or wear your own watch.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so that you can give your exam comfortably.
  • Listen the instructions carefully before your test start.
  • If you have any disability, you must speak before the exam otherwise this will affect your exam.
  • Be confident and be calm during the exam. You need not to worry and focus only on your exam.

IELTS Test Tips During your Test

These below tips give you the information, how to do each module carefully:


*Check your headphones properly because once your test starts, you will not able to get the audio recording again.As the recording is played only once.
*If you find your headphones are not working properly, just raise your hand. You can also adjust the volume accordingly.
*Listen the instructions carefully in the exam room.
*Read the instructions very carefully in your booklet when your test starts. For example:- ‘no more than two words’, ‘one word and/or a number’.
*Once you will complete your listening, you will have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers from the booklet to an answer sheet.
*Always check your spellings.
*Always transfer your answers in CAPITAL LETTER. For example:- HISTORY BOOKS
*If you skip the answers, don’t leave any answer in the answer sheet, you can write something rather than nothing, because there is no negative marking.


*Read the instructions carefully whatever in the reading booklet.For example:- ‘no more than two words’.
*Transfer answers directly on the answer sheet. Don’t waste a single second because reading demands time.
*Manage your time accordingly for each passage.
*Keep an eye on the clock.
*Don’t waste your time in a particular question if you don’t able to find. Skip and move to next question.
*Don’t read whole passage, focus on keywords.
*Always transfer your answers in CAPITAL LETTER. For example:- HISTORY BOOKS
*If you don’t able to find the answers, don’t leave any answer in the answer sheet, you can write something rather than nothing, because there is no negative marking.


*Manage your time properly in both the tasks.
*Take a look on the words as well, because word limit is the concern in both task 1 and task 2.Don’t count your words, estimate your words.
*Take care of grammar,vocabulary,punctuation,spelling mistakes etc because these all the factors is to be checked by the examiner.
*You can take extra sheet for task 2.
*According to my personal experience: word limit for task 1 is 180 to 220 words and task 2 has 280 – 330 words.
*Avoid repetition of words, you will lose your marks.
*Keep in mind of timings in both the tasks, Task 1 is of 20 minutes and Task 2 is of 40 minutes.
*Always organize your paragraphs in both the tasks.
*Don’t miss your conclusion, if you have less time or 2-3 minutes left, make sure to write conclusion.

*Be confident and ready to communicate.
*Listen the questions very carefully and give your answers related to question only. Don’t give irrelevant answers.
*Practice more and more before the exam.
*Fluency and confidence; both are the key to crack IELTS Speaking test.
*Make an eye contact with an examiner.Don’t stare at an examiner.