Difference between Computer and Paper Based IELTS

Computer Based IELTS VS Paper Based IELTS
Listening Module

In the listening module of PAPER BASED IELTS, you will have extra 10 minutes after end of the listening audio. However, in COMPUTER BASED EXAM, you have to type your answers directly on  computer and at the end of exam you will have 2 minutes to recheck your answers.

Writing Module

If your typing skills are quite good and easily type the content, then only go with COMPUTER BASED EXAM, otherwise go with PAPER BASED EXAM.Don’t take a risk.

Reading Module

There is not much difference in reading module. In PAPER BASED EXAM, student can easily highlight keywords. Whereas, in COMPUTER BASED EXAM, screen is divided into two parts, in one part there would be a passage and on the other side, there would be questions.

Speaking Module

There is no difference in COMPUTER BASED EXAM SPEAKING and PAPER BASED EXAM SPEAKING. You must visit to the venue in-person and speaking would be face-to-face.

Advantages and disadvantages of Computer-Based IELTS exam.

Advanatges of Computer-Based exam:

* Slot availability.
*Get result of IELTS exam in 5days.
*Less crowded because there are few candidates.
*You can highlight the text in listening and reading module.
*Short cut keys are also there like Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V(paste) and so on.
*You can drag and drop the content in Reading module.
*You can increase the font size in Reading module.
*You need not to count the words in Writing module;Word counter will be there.
*The candidate who has good typing skills, CBT(Computer-Based Exam) would be good fit for those.

Disadvantages of Computer-Based Exam:

*You need to be very good at typing.
*Screen will be locked exactly at the mentioned time, there is no last minute to change your content.
*The transfer time in listening module is only 2 minutes, instead of 10 minutes like in Paper-Based IELTS Exam.
*The major concern for Computer-Based Exam in writing module is typo errors. Though we know correct spellings, but still candidates do mistakes.This will only be corrected by proof reading.

Speaking: There is no change in the Speaking module for Computer-Based IELTS Exam and Pen-Paper Based IELTS Exam.

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