General Reading

IELTS General Reading Test Information

IELTS Reading test is the second module and it lasts for 60 minutes and you will not have extra time for transferring your answers from the booklet to the answer sheet. Don’t waste your time as time is very precious in the reading module. Transfer your answers directly on your answer sheet instead of writing your answers first on booklet/question paper. Academic Reading Test or a General Training Reading test, both tests contain three passages.

General Reading Test:

The General Training test is for 60 minutes with three passages, a total of 40 questions and each question carries one mark. Reading passages are the mixture of short and long passages(basically passage 3 is lengthy).The topics include basic social English, training topics, notices, flyers, timetables, documents, newspaper articles, instructions and manuals.

Type of questions
* True/False/Not Given
* Fill in the blanks
* List of headings
* Multiple choice questions
* Complete the sentences,phrases
* Which paragraph contains following information
* Complete notes,summary,table,flowchart
* Labelled diagram

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