You should say:

What it looks like?
When did you see it?
Where you saw it?
Explain why it is interesting?

There are many creatures present in the entire globe. As I am the person who loves nature and I am quite interested to learn distinct species such as terrestrial animals, aquatic animals and so on. However, I am keen interested in water animals such as starfishes, octopuses, sea horses and many more. But, here I would like to talk about an aquatic animal that is all time favorite of mine is ‘Dolphin’

I vividly remember when I saw this animal for the first time. As I am fond of watching discovery channels and there are many channel that are telecasted on the television such as National Geography, Animal planet, Discovery and so on. There was a show named ‘Marine creatures’ on the channel ‘Animal Planet’ where I saw dolphin for the first time. Then, I came across that dolphin is a mammal that can swim and it has smooth, rubbery skin and are usually in some mixtures of black, white and gray in color. It has two flippers or fins on their sides as well as triangular fin on the back.

Moreover, it behaves like a human and in that show I saw plethora of videos that they are similar as humans. They played with a ball and imitate human activities like the way humans make poses for clicking photographs. I was so excited to learn more and more about the dolphins. They are very intelligent, social and always found in groups as well as it is the cutest species in the world. The size of the dolphin is about 7 feet to 8 feet. Apart from this, I have watched many videos of this species and had explored distinct characteristics and facts of this.The best thing about this animal its ability to jump out of the water and dance in its tail,this is the leading cause that they are used in entertainment industry and also make funny noises.