About Visa Interview

What does the word ‘Interview’ means?

The word interview means a meeting of people face to face. When it comes to Visa interview which means an interview that is intended for a more in depth communication between the applicant and the representative.

During such an interview, the candidate does not get questioned solely about the provided information in the visa application form and its supported documents.

Different countries have different criteria of taking Visa Interview. However, a candidate must be confident and go through with all the documents whatever is submitted. Don’t confuse, cracking Visa Interview is a piece of cake.

We are preparing the candidates for clearing an interview. An online and offline sessions are available, we are expertise and candidates can easily crack the interview. We have wide experience of Visa interview for many countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many more. We are not only focus on Visa interview of the candidate, but also polish communication skills, vocabulary and other such factors.


Generally people create a mis-conception that interview means rejection of visa. But this is not true, it is only to check the genuine reason to move overseas. Some of the helpful tips are:

1.Always prepare for interview in advance.

2.Keep a copy of all documents with you while going for the interview.

3.Wear formal outfits.

4.Never be late for the interview.Be on time.

5.During interview, be courteous, friendly and polite throughout the interview.

6.You should be confident and clear about yourself that where and why you have made applications.

7.Give brief and clear answers.

8.Before going for the interview, go through the website and handbook of your university/college carefully.

9.Never be over confident about the knowledge.

10.Know about the course content, commencement and end date of the program, fee structure, credit point, rank of the university/college etc.

11.It is compulsory that you should clear about your future plans after completing the course.

12.Know what would be the job opportunities after completing of the course and salary package.

13.You may face strange questions also. So be prepared and don’t get nervous. They are meant to test your intentions,skills and IQ.

14.Interview may take 20-30 minutes or more, so be comfortable with it.

15.Interview would be on any live platform such as skype.

16.Enjoy your interview.

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