General Interview Questions

The  visa interview is the most difficult part of the application process, and applicants must be well-prepared to answer the questions to the satisfaction of the Embassy interviewer. Here is a list of the most common interview questions that are routinely asked during the interview.

To make the student comfortable.

Confirm your complete address. If you are staying at a temporary residence or have a secondary residence elsewhere, be sure to provide details of both residences.

For the visa officer’s records- If ‘yes’ then it is advisable to remember the date of last arrival and departure from the country of visa application and if ‘no’ don’t hesitate to say ‘no’.

To check your intention to go to the respective country. Give your answer in detail and mention what are the reasons who you want to pursue your education in this respective country.

Make comparisons with other countries.

To check how much you know about your university/college that you have opted. Compare with other university/college that have the same rank.

Research more and more; best way to get the answer is to check official website of the university/college.

To check whether you are really serious about your education and have planned well.

Give complete address of the applied University/college that you have received in the offer letter or on the official website of University/College.

To check how you came to know about this university/college and what you know about it.

Mention detailed information about the university/college because interviewer has a deep concern of this.

To check how much you aware for this course. Compare this opted course with your previous study.

To check whether the program is chosen by you or someone forced you to opt it.

This is one of the most important question that every interviewer may ask you. Prepare your answer in such a way that this opted course is directly linked with previous study.

If it is not; then strongly give the concern why you have changed your stream.

To know whether you know that the course is available in India and than also what motivate you to visit respective country. Your duty is to bring out the difference between the course offered in India and abroad; State the difference in terms of theoretical and practical education aspect.

To know whether you know the exact date and end date of the course.

To check whether you are aware of your funds and how will you manage your finance during the course duration.

Check carefully what are the documents you have submitted because interviewer will cross check for the same.

If you have a scholarship, then say that. Otherwise mention the name of your sponsors. If they are your parents then mention that your father/or mother are supporting you as per the financial documents.

To verify the financial capability of the sponsors. Go through the tax documents, all bank statements and other supporting documents, and have a good idea of the income source of your sponsors which generally student ignore.

Confirm that you have sufficient funds.

To get the idea whether your father’s annual income is sufficient enough to meet your expenses of studying abroad.

Mention your siblings and explain what they are doing. This is asked to evaluate the balance of income and expenses of the family.

To know where they brother/sister: in home country or overseas

Convert your percentage to GPA and remember it exactly.

To know what exactly you have done, including year of pass and percentage.To check whether you have any gap during your study or not.

If You have a gap in between your study then might be you have experience of something. Mention that one or if you have any experience, show that certificate.

This is also very important because every country,university and college gives the permission on the behalf of score bands.

If you got less bands in any module. Kindly tell the truth and be genuine

If you have brother or sister or any other relative already in the university/college; mention the details.

To check the excellence. If you have excellent marks in academic and good bands in any English Language Exam, then this question may ask.

To check whether you have arrangement to stay and do you aware the address.

If you have relative in the respective country, mention and give their details. Be truthful at this situation.

This is again an important question and this is to check whether you have the plans or intentions to settle in the respective country.

Your focus is on the career rather than settling in the respective country.

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