Listening Module

IELTS Listening Test Information:

There is only one test for both the Academic and General Training test-takers, along with the same
scoring bands.

Four sections of Listening test are divided into following ways:

  • Section1: A conversation between two people in an everyday social context.
  • Section 2: A monologue conversation in an everyday social context: For example:- A speech
    about local facilities.
  • Section 3: A conversation between up to four people in an educational or training context. For example:– A university tutor and a student discussion.
  • Section 4: A monologue context on an academic subject. For example:- A university lecture

The IELTS listening test lasts for 40 minutes.

  •  The IELTS Listening test recording will be for 30 minutes.
  • For candidates who give Pen-Paper Based IELTS exam, for listening, you must listen carefully
    and then write your answers on the booklet or question paper. After the recording ends, you
    will have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers from the question paper to the answer
  • For candidates who give Computer-Based IELTS exam, put your answers directly on the
    computer. You will NOT have extra 10 minutes to transfer answers because you have already
    written your answers on the computer. However, you will have 2 minutes to review your
  • Each section contains instructions, read it carefully because there is word limit for each type of

For example: write no more than two words and/or a number: – which means that you
are allowed to write either one word or two words, along with a combination of a
Be careful, if instruction says “a number/ numbers”

  • Spelling mistake will lose your mark.
  •  Transfer your answers only in Capital Letters.