Listening Module

Tips For Listening

  • The most important thing is to take this module seriously. Preparation is must to get magnificent bands.
  • The key to score well is to stay calm and focused. If you lose the answer to a question, accept it immediately and continue listening carefully for the next answers.
  • For those who find this module difficult, get acquainted with the different foreign accents. 
  • Try to get correct all answers in section 1, because section 2 and 3 is a bit difficult, due to MAP and Multiple choice questions. Section 4 is quite fast.
  • Just pay attention, first read the questions, grasp the information and important things, underline the keywords. For example :- if the question is about fees, listen to the amount.
  • Don’t leave any answer because there is no negative marking.
  • Listen to the words carefully. For example:- if the answer is “BOTTLES”, and by mistake you have placed “BOTTLE”, you will lose mark.
  • Practice makes you perfect, and regarding this specific module, try to get your hands on as many sample practices as you can.